Summer is Here, and so is the Heat

Summer is Here, and so is the Heat

The heat is here! If you haven't started watering your outdoor plants now is the time! According to the South Carolina Extension office the best time to water is in the morning (if possible). This allows the plants to dry out during the day and prevents fungal and disease issues from developing at night. Deeper, but less often watering is often beneficial for mature plants. Potted plants on the deck or porch may need to be watered every day due to the extreme heat. 

Keep it easy on yourself and set up a drip system. These drip kits are easily available from your local garden store or big box hardware store. Just add a timer to the spigot, run a hose to the location and attach the drip system to the end of the hose. Set up the timer and you no longer have to worry about your plants drying out or spending an hour watering after a long day at work. 

Patio drip kits are available for potted plants and gardens on the deck or porch. 

Contact us for more information about drip systems for your garden. 

Happy watering!

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