Now Offering Plant Delivery

Now Offering Plant Delivery

Buying plants can be tough. There are so many options to chose from, or not enough options. The inventory is always in flux just like other markets throughout the state. How do you know what plants do well in this area? Let Broad River Roses help! 

We have always offered design and installation services but now we're offering delivery of your plants as well. Due to an increased demand for healthy plants and home delivery we've now added this service. 

How it works: email, call or text for a time to speak with us about your property. We can design a landscape plan that fits your style, home or business, and create a list of plants.

We will then go and pick up your plants from area suppliers and deliver them to your driveway or yard for you to install. Of course if time get's away from you we are happy to install them as well. We are also able to deliver bagged compost, mulch and other amendments. 

Why limit yourself to one local nursery? While they do a great job, we have access to the wholesale plant nursery's that supply your favorite local nursery giving you more options. We've also built relationships allowing us the opportunity to get plants as soon as they are available. 

Contact us to schedule a design and delivery package for your updated curb appeal. 


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